Floor Tile

What is Waterjet Technology?

Done for years by Mother Nature, water cutting is one of nature's greatest cutting forces - only the technology has changed.

Developed in the early 1970s, waterjet-cutting uses ultra-high water pressure to cut through many different products like resilient flooring.

Using 55,000 psi packed into a tiny stream of water, we have the accuracy of cutting to +/- .005 of an inch. We can detail portions with a high aesthetic accuracy on resilient products and develop the unique designs you create.


We have digitized artwork for over 10,000 corporate logos. Our Waterjet operators have many years experience concerning creative ideas and procedures for working with tile. You will only need to provide the materials that your customer wants to use, along with the colors...it's that easy.


Most schools can supply you with camera-ready artwork for their mascots. We have digitized artwork for over 300 Mascots, but we're not limited to just those - it's your choice. You provide the materials and colors, and we'll take it from there.

Unique Images

For greater personalization, create your own design. With a computer disk or by email, you can supply us with your design. Just remember to supply us the materials and colors.

We are sensitive to registers and trademarks. As long as we have authorization from the owner, in most cases we can proceed.

A Custom Inset?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. . . you can create unique personalized images for your clients.

Make a statement with vinyl flooring that will last the life of the floor.

A great way to upgrade commercial interiors to give a personal touch and feel to any decor.

With our waterjet capability, we are able to cut ornate or simple shapes for inlays. The ability to cut very intricate tile designs at high speed without breakage allows your imagination to take flight.

Waterjet Cutting offers several advantages:

Accurate tolerances
No heat-affected zones
Precise cuts to +/-.005*
Improved productivity
Less waste
Easily makes complex cuts and irregular shapes
Perfect for prototypes and small runs
Fast setup for production runs
Smooth, precise edges*
No burrs
Multiple-head cutting
No tooling charges
Uniform cuts

*depending on thickness and type