KWIKTWILL is your answer for quick applications.
If you are in the market for applying a design quickly and accurately for sewing, then this is the product for you!
Create team uniforms in a snap! Pre-Spaced numbers and names come on a clear mylar carrier for perfect alignment every time! All you have to do is heat apply, sew and you're done. Pre-Spaced names and numbers save time and give consistent results. You can order the exact quantity that you need - no waste! But it is important to note, twill applique MUST be sewn down for permanency.
Preassembled Names

  • Great for player names. Foreground/background available.
Pre-arranged Numbers

  • Ideal for player numbers. Foreground/background available.

Team Name and Player Number

  • Single-colored team names and player numbers, already spaced and positioned. Foreground/background available.

Team Names and Logos
  • Names and logos, prepositioned. Foreground/background options available.

Player Name and Number

  • Single-colored player names and numbers, no adjusting necessary. Foreground/background available.

Horizontal or Vertical

Preassembled names can be produced in either horizontal or vertical form. Horizontal names are perfect for the backs of shirts, while vertical names are great for shirt sleeves or pant legs. Great for team outfits, or just to let the world know who you are.


KwikTwill can also be combined with film to make an ordinary applique' become extrodinary. This will reduce your sew time for each applique' as well as the cost of the sew file. Prealignment options available upon request.