* Prealigned multi-color applique' which will reduce your sewing time with out reducing quality.

* We use heat seal to join the layers resulting in no adhesive buildup on your needles.

* Cuts are always clean, smooth, and precise.

* Faster production turnaround, faster sewing times, and no discoloration in material.

Also, remember that creativity goes a long way in the decorated apparel industry, and that's certainly true with lettering and numbering, no matter which decorating process you choose. You might try mixing and matching fabrics, like putting glitters on top of solid twill, or putting felt over twill for depth. You might try mixing embroidery with any of these lettering/numbering decorating options, too, for a high-end look. The bottom line is that the more creativity you use, the more business - and the more profits - you'll generate.

When using a preassembled Jetalign applique', you eliminate the tedious task of aligning the layers. Create a professional look with ease - with JetAlign.


Heat Seal Adhesives are also known as Thermoplastic Adhesives. Thermoplastic adhesive has also been referred to as hot-melt and thermal-sensitive. It is uniform in thickness, flexible, and light in weight. Because of these properties, it is easy to use - especially when compared to thermosetting adhesives. Heat seal adhesive allows for re-positioning in those occasionally necessary re-work situations. In addition to the above characteristics, they are also environmentally friendly and made without volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

Pressure-sensitive Adhesive will stick with application of pressure only (without activation by heat) . The adhesive that is coated on the backing substrate is a pressure-sensitive adhesive. When combined with the face fabric under pressure, it bonds/laminates to the face fabric. Pressure-sensitive adhesive makes appliqué embroidery a snap - no spray cans of adhesive with the sticky mess and noxious fumes. Just peel off the backing and position your appliqué piece to embroider.