Quality, Integrity and Service

When Waterjet began cutting designs for applique and lettering in 1989, these were the words that anchored our business philosophy. Waterjet became one of the fastest growing corporations in the country, and we strongly believe that it was our commitment to this philosophy that lead to this spirited growth. We also believe that it will keep us growing in the future as we serve the sportswear and apparel industry.

Keeping the "Custom" in Customer

Whether you provide your own artwork, or utilize our art department to help you create a design - whether you provide your own fabric, or choose from our fine selection of fabrics - we guarantee the finest quality cuts at the lowest and fairest prices available. That's why the only "standard" Waterjet is interested in is the Standard of Excellence. And it is also why we stick with the philosophy that makes us so successful, now and in the future.

Why? Because every job has different needs which nobody knows better than you, the customer. That is the reason Waterjet custom-tailors every job to your precise specifications. In other words, we strive to keep the "custom" in customer.

This is Waterjet's formula for success:

*QUALITY - when a customer receives a product that was created to their specifications.

*SERVICE - doing whatever it takes to please and satisfy the customer's needs.

*RESPONSE - delivering the product in a timely fashion.